Holmdene Housing Ltd

Working for local communities since 2000

Holmdene Housing has been established for over 14 years.

Local Authorities we work with

We work with 24 out of 33 Local Authorities throughout Greater London area and others further afield such as Brighton & Hove, Leeds, Surrey County Council, Hertfordshire, West Sussex, Doncaster, Slough and have recently secured contracts with Birmingham.

Support we offer

We offer an array of support in relation to maintaining current housing arrangements, securing future housing/tenancies, developing independent living skills, promoting further education, securing apprenticeship and employment, developing parenting skills, crime prevention, support with prevention of substance misuse, support with maintaining health including mental health and sexual health, encouraging positive social interaction, staying safe, personal development.

Working closely with the Local Authority by providing daily updates via email alongside monthly reports and chronologies.

Benefits and Payments

The majority of young people receive subsistence payments via Holmdene, in some instances the Local Authority pay directly into their personal bank accounts. At the relevant age they are supported to claim benefits such as JSA or income support if they are in education, they are supported with weekly grocery shopping, purchasing periodic clothing shopping and spending festive allowance appropriately. Some Local Authorities request a small amount be deducted from the clients weekly subsistence to go toward service charges.

How we source our properties

We have approved landlords whom we work closely with who provide us with appropriate properties to accommodate our client groups. These will be HMO certified when necessary and will adhere to all of the relevant health and safety requirements alongside being fully furnished and homely. All electrical appliances are PAT tested to ensure they are in good working order.

How Properties are maintained

Properties are maintained by our clients with the support of their allocated key worker who visits them regularly at the placement, health, safety and fire safety checks are undertaken weekly. The key worker also assists the clients with cleaning, purchasing groceries and packing away in appropriate places, top up of gas and electricity which clients are encouraged to monitor, reporting any maintenance issues to enable repair within 24 hours.

Contribution toward clients Pathway Plans

Contributions toward development of clients Pathway Plans are incorporated from information shared between keyworker and Social Worker via regular updates in the client’s development, skills they have acquired and also information shared via monthly progress report. In addition we also offer an extensive independent living skills program which reflects all progress toward skills development upon completion.

We support clients to engage in development programs offered and facilitated by the Local Authorities such as 12 Steps Program offered by Wandsworth, What happens Next offered by Lambeth, Guide to Independence offered by Merton, AQA Cooking Award offered by Lambeth and Domestic Violence offered by Gaia.

Who we work with

We work closely with external services such as YOT, probation, various educational establishments, MAPA, CAMHS, Mental Health Services, Metropolitan Police, The Prison Service, Child Protection agencies, Mentoring organisations, Asperger’s Society, various housing departments, Job Centre Plus, NHS service, Children and Young People Services.